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Juggernaut appeared the first time as a member of the Brotherhood to free Tildie Soames out of the sleep she's been stuck in by the MRD. A giant monster, which was created by Tildie around her like an energetic armor as product of a nightmare, shot Juggernaut out of the MRD-lab like a meteor, which causes him to land in front of the X-Men. After several tries of the X-Men to stop the monster, Rogue absorbed and used Shadowcats power to phase and Juggernauts power to break through forcefields to get inside of the monster to reach Tildie and calm her down.

He appeared later again, fighting against the X-Men because of unknown reasons.


Same as his Earth-616 counterpart


Able to break into anything and withstand any blow.


Larger and tougher opponents


A small control collar


A stolen M.R.D. air transport

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