Cain Marko absorbed the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak in this reality, He gave up violence when he learned of his brother's death at the hands of Legion, becoming a monk and traveling to the safe haven known as Avalon, a refuge located in the Savage Land[1].

Avalon's leader Destiny received visions of Avalon's destruction shortly before the arrival of Nightcrawler and Mystique who had come to Avalon to seek out Destiny to bring her back to the United States and help repair the fractured timeline. Unknown to all, following Nightcrawler and Mystique were Apocalypse's minions, the Pale Riders[2][3]. Upon their arrival at Avalon, Mystique and Nightcrawler were greeted by Cain, who told them of his criminal past and reformation. When the Pale Riders attacked Avalon, Cain had an aneurysm due to his conflicting desire to defend Avalon and his vow of non-violence, dying on the spot[1].


Superhuman strength

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