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C.J. Miller

C.J. Miller was a millionaire who lived in the Amber Swamps region of Georgia. By his own accounts he spent 25 years using his wealth to feed the south. Eventually going broke, he would eventually go mad. Not wishing to let others know that he had become penniless he would fabricate the legend of the "Ghost of Amber Swamps", appearing in a ghastly mask and killing those who knew of his lost fortune by using a fishing line and razor blazes to kill them, making it appear as though their throats were cut by a mysterious apparition. Once all those who knew the embarrassing truth would be killed, Miller intended to commit suicide, making it appear as though he was another one of the ghost's victims.

The mysterious deaths would attract the attention of a female reporter as well as the costumed hero known as the Angel. The Angel would arrive at the estate just as Miller (as the "ghost") was attempting to murder the reporter. Saving her life, the Angel would battle the supposed ghost. During the fight, the Angel would come across Miller's choice of murder weapon and use it to slice open his mask revealing his true identity. Miller would reveal his plot to the Angel and then completely snap. Charging at the hero, he would set off one of his own traps, killing himself in the process.


When acting as the Ghost of Amber Swamps, Miller wore a life like mask with grotesque features.


Miller devised a fishing reel armed with razor blades as his murder weapon. These devices could be hand operated by himself or be set up in places with a trigger to be set off by his unsuspecting victims.

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