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Born on Earth-794, in the fascist Empire of True Briton, Byron Bra-Dhok was the Konsort of the sadistic Mastrex Sat-Yr-Nin. A sadist himself, Bra-Dhok seemed content, but at some point fled to Earth-616.[1] Angered, Sat-Yr-Nin sent Blitzers and the interdimensional mercenaries Gatecrasher's Technet to bring him back, but they instead brought back Captain Britain, his Earth-616 counterpart.[2] When Braddock escaped, Sat-Yr-Nin was enraged and went on a massacre which ultimately caused her fall from power. [3]

Meanwhile, Briton attempted to rape Betsy Braddock, who fried his brain with her psychic abilities, killing him.[2] She later used Briton's costume when her brother went overseas and she became Captain Britain in his absence.[4]


Kaptain Briton possessed superhuman strength and stamina, and enhanced reflexes and senses. These powers were derived from the friction between dimensions, focused in a matrix in the Empire of True Briton.


Byron was a skilled physicist, engineer, roboticist and acrobat

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