The man called Bwana Gambo was active in the western jungle of Africa during the 1940s. He would amass a group of loyal natives in his quest to destabilize all the local tribes in a bid to take over them all. His efforts would cause constant tribal warfare. This constant combat would send regional commissioner Jeff Graves to investigate the cause of the upsurge in violence. Gaves would be caught by Gambo and his men, but he would be saved by Zara of the Jungle. Thanks to Zara's help, Bwana Gambo would be apprehended and taken into custody, and the tribal violence would be ended.[1]


Gambo was armed with a rifle.

Bwana Gambo was an alias derived from the Swahili dialect. "Bwana" meaning "master" or "boss" and Gambo being the name for a reptilian creature common among the folklore of Gambia.

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