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Butch Cantwell

Butch Cantwell was a mobster who was active during the 1940s. By 1945 the crime fighting exploits of Captain America and Bucky began to concern Cantwell who observed how the two heroes were ruining criminal operations in the area. Seeking to besmirch Captain America's name, Cantwell had a replica of Captain America's costumed fashioned with bullet proof armor. Then, Cantwell went out into public posing as Captain America and terrorized locals, turning the authorities against the Star-Spangled Hero.

When the real Captain America and Bucky arrived to investigate Cap's impostor they found themselves bogged down by the authorities and are forced to hideout. While Butch continued his reign of terror, Cap went to the chief of police and earned his trust to try and route out the impostor. To this end, he had the chief publish a letter in the local paper denouncing "Captain America's" attacks, but refuse to apprehend him unless he causes an actual crime.

Sure enough, Cantwell walked into Captain America's trap by attempting to attack the chief of police. When the faux Captain America climbed in through a window, the real Cap came in with fist flying and easily defeated Cantwell, and turned him over to the authorities, clearing Cap's name.

Butch Cantwell's subsequent activities are unknown.




When wearing his Captain America costume, Butch was weighed down by the sheer amount of bullet proofing in the uniform, allowing him limited mobility. His shield was not as indestructible as Captain America's real sheild.


Beneath Cantwell's Captain America costume is a layer of bullet proof armor.


Cantwell had a replica of Captain America's shield.

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