Buluku is the progenitor of the Vodu, an extra-dimensional race worshiped as gods by the tribes of Africa.


He participated in the Council of Godheads as Buluku, and as Ndriananahary[11][8] (his name by the Malagasy-speaking people of Madagascar),[1] of the Razanes.[12] As Ndriananahary, he was also lord of the underworld Iku.[13]

Buluku is also the arbitrator between the Orishas (gods of sky and heaven) and the Loa (gods of earth and the underworld).[13]

For the Baganda people of the African Great Lakes region, Buluku, as Mukasa, sired their War god Kibuka.[1]

For the Baoulé of West Africa, he was Alouroua and fathered Ghekre, the Gorilla God of Wakanda's Jabari tribe.[1]

Possible appearances in Mbangawi

The Maasai sky god Engai, occasionally manifesting in Mbangawi, may be another name for the creator god Mulungu, one of the alias of Buluku.[4]

16th century

In the 16th century, Dam-Ayido Wede benefited of the Atlantic slave trade usurping his grandfather's role as the Sky Father and creator of the world, as Damballah.[10] Buluku himself became known as Olōdūmarē[6] or Olodumare to the practitioners of Cuban Santeria.[1]

  • This deity possibly exist as separate entities for his different names and/or aspects.
    • For example it is known that Buluku and Ndriananahary,[1] but Buluku and Ndriananahary are listed as separate members of the Council of Godheads.[11][8]
    • Despite Buluku is known to be the grandfather to Damballah and Sagbata, respectively god of the dead and god of death, their relation to Ndriananahary, lord of the underworld, is "undefined".[10]
  • Some gods could be in fact just alternate spellings of his name, like Nyame could also be:

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