Buluku is the progenitor of the Vodu, an extra-dimensional race worshiped as gods by the tribes of Africa.


He participated in the Council of Godheads as Buluku, and as Ndriananahary[8][6] (his name by the Malagasy-speaking people of Madagascar),[1] of the Razanes.[9] As Ndriananahary, he was also lord of the underworld Iku.[10]

For the Baganda people of the African Great Lakes region, Buluku, as Mukasa, sired their War god Kibuka.[1]

For the Baoulé of West Africa, he was Alouroua and fathered Ghekre, the Gorilla God of Wakanda's Jabari tribe.[1]

Possible appearances in Mbangawi

The Maasai sky god Engai, occasionally manifesting in Mbangawi, may be another name for the creator god Mulungu, one of the alias of Buluku.[4]

16th century

In the 16th century, Dam-Ayido Wede benefited of the Atlantic slave trade usurping his grandfather's role as the Sky Father and creator of the world, as Damballah.[11] Buluku himself became known as Olodumare to the practitioners of Cuban Santeria.[1]

  • This deity possibly exist as separate entities for his different names and/or aspects:

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