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The Builders are said to be the universe's oldest race. As they were "perfect", they molded a path of expansion in which they created "systems" to control the structure of space and time, different races called Alephs, Gardeners, Curators, Abyss and Caretakers.[1]

There are two types of Builders, the Creators and the Engineers.[2]

Earth 616

When Ex Nihilo, a Gardener raised by an Aleph, tried to make Earth sentient, his own creations cataloged the planet as a "failure" after the origin site designated for self-repair were unable to stop it from experiencing incursions, and sent a signal to the Builders,[3][4] who started heading to this planet in order to destroy it and save their universe. Along the way they went about annihilating and conquering other planets in their path.[2][5][6]

A resistance conformed by the Galactic Council and the Avengers managed to oppose the Builders, although they still had the odds in their favor. When Captain Universe arrived to the Builder Command Vessel and started defeating the Builders, the alien entities ordered their Alephs to auto-destroy along with whatever they could take with themselves as the tide of the battle had been turned.[7]

Time Runs Out

The remaining Builders from every universe had stationed in a Superflow, and worked together in a way to stop the Beyonders, a race of incredibly powerful aliens bent on destroying the Multiverse. They managed to locate one of the Beyonders, and tried to engage in combat, but were destroyed.[8]

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Habitat: The Superflow, described as both a place creatures go to dream and a place connecting all reality's.


Cultural Traits: Excessively long-lived (one builder stated that it was over six hundred thousand years old)[9]


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According to intelligence provided by Yabbat Ummon Turru, the Builders spread out among under 5000 realities, and with the collapse of the Superflow are now confined to them since they had invested much of their technology in travelling through this space.[6]

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