Buck Ralston was an actor whose far right political bent leaned to the extreme. Ralston used his fame to speak to the public about his perception that America was being destroyed by the unpatriotic youth, usually terms as either pinkos, commies, or hippies in Ralston's own lexicon of terms. He used his fortune to invest in his costumed identity of Tribune -- a costumed judge/jury/executioner who dispensed laws according to his warped ideals using a gavel that could fire energy that put its victims in a death like state[1].

Tribune traveled to New York to dispense the "New York Three", three teenage protesters who were accused of bombing the New York Hilton. Tribune's involvement landed him into a conflict with Daredevil, who foiled Tribunes plan. Tribune then faked his own death in a helicopter explosion while making a get away. He was last seen back in California barking his ideals in his civilian guise, with none the wiser of his activities as Tribune[2].


Tribune also had a personal army of like minded goons, operated two bases out of mansions in California and New York. As Buck Ralston, he is an accomplished actor of some notoriety given that his speeches would gain media attention due to his fame as an actor.


He had access to both a private jet and a helicopter.


Tribune was armed with a gavel that fired energy bolts that would kill it's intended target instantly.

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