A Shadow-Dweller, Bryan eventually came to live in Wessex (now known as Wales), centuries ago. He became a respected leader of a local tribe and sought to educate them. This act eventually drew "The Man on the Horse", who proceeded to slay every human in the village. Deciding to spare Bryan, the man merely wiped his memory, leaving him mentally handicapped.

Over the years, Bryan made his way to New York City and regained a measure of his telepathic power, though he lacked fine control. He sold newspapers to make a living. When the Man on the Horse, now calling himself Doctor Zero, began making his presence known to the world (to continue his own agenda), Bryan began having a recurring nightmare about the Man on the Horse coming to kill him. While on business in New York, Doctor Zero came near Bryan, which resulted in the man inadvertently reading his mind and his true self eventually coming back to him, while Doctor Zero read the man's mind as well, remembering their original conflict. With his mind restored, Bryan sought to have his revenge on Doctor Zero, who in turn sought to tie up loose ends. Meeting in a construction area, the two began their battle, with Bryan taking an early advantage over a weakened Doctor Zero. When Doctor Zero seemed beaten, Bryan came in close for the kill, only to be blasted by Doctor Zero. Severely weakened and deciding that Bryan couldn't be allowed to live, Doctor Zero absorbed Bryan's lifeforce, killing him.


Telepathy; Could focus energy through metal objects, usually a sword; Increased longevity

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