Thanks to the ISO-8 he consumed in his original timeline, Bruce Banner had his personality permanently merged with that of the Hulk. The result was the creation of Maestro.

Learning how to use ISO-8 to manipulate the flux of time, Maestro opened portals to other realities in order to invade them, and absorb all the ISO-8 they contained before destroying them. Maestro spent decades travelling the Multiverse consuming all the ISO-8 he could find before finding an universe rich with ISO-8, the Battlerealm.


Seemingly those of the Maestro of Earth-9200.


Seemingly those of the Maestro of Earth-9200.

Strength level

Twice as great as the Merged Hulk persona while in a calm state.


Iron Hulk Armor


Captain America's Shield, Soulsword, Universal Weapon

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