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Quote1 Whoever this '"Kaine" is, he better be worth it... he just cost us a good Spider-Man today. Quote2
-- Old Man Spider src

Doctor Banner felt personally responsible for Peter Parker's transformation, having been one of the original inventors of the Gamma Bomb. So he worked night and day to try to find the origin of the Hulk, and came to the conclusion that he needed a blood sample to cure him. When he proposed this idea to Doctor Richards, he was refused, since SHIELD couldn't afford to lose him in a run-in with the Hulk.

Upset and distracted, Banner went back to work, beginning to dissect a spider that survived the same blast that Peter did. The spider bit him, altering his DNA. Since he was bitten as an adult, his body was unable to cope, and he went on a rampage, escaping the military installation and SHIELD's grasp for two years. After years of being in custody, along with gene therapy, and heavy medication, Doctor Banner became the newest member of the SHIELD family, Spider-Man.


Banner later was recruited to Spider-Army to fight the Inheritors. He, Spider-Woman and Old Man Spider were then sent to recruit Kaine, who was fighting Daemos. Daemos then snapped Banner's spine, while the other Spiders escape through portal to Earth-13. His life-force was then feasted during Inheritor's feast.[1]


Seemingly those of Peter Parker of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner of Earth-616.

Bruce's costume resembles 2000's Movie Spider-Man costume.

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