Bruce Banner was a scientist working one the Gamma Bomb project on the Omega Base. He was also friends with Reed Richards. During the attack on the Omega Base, he is sealed inside a room. After the heroes find him, they receive intel that a gamma bomb is set to explode. Banner disarms the bomb, and the heroes continue on their mission, leaving Banner behind because, after all, "He's no hero". He was shown defeated as the Hulk outside Doom's castle after he obtained Odin's powers, thus confirming that during Doom's rule, Banner had the Gamma accident that turned him into the Hulk.[1] It was shown later that Hulk had been getting psychiatric help by Mr. Fantastic who helped him vent through haiku.

Hulk participated in the Civil War, and later fought against the Nanite-controlled members of "The Fold" as a member of the Ultimate Alliance, defeating a nanite controlled A-Bomb during the Siege of Wakanda. Sometime after the defeat of the Fold Hulk was being interviewed on a radio show. However the hostess was surprised when she found out that Hulk was the one in control instead of Bruce Banner in the end Hulk lost his temper and went on a rampage when the hostess told him that while for helping saving the world he would get a lot of rewards a parade was not one of them.[2]


Seemingly those of Bruce Banner (Earth-616)#Powers.


Same as his Earth-616 counterpart

Strength level

He is the most strongest one there is.

  • Hulk was only available as a playable character as a DLC on the Xbox 360 version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It is very likely he was originally going to be playable by default, as evidenced by the presence of his loading screens in the files of the PC version, as well as an unused simulator, unusued conversations with The Thing, Mandarin, Spider-Woman and Doctor Doom.
  • Voiced by Fred Tatasciore

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