In thi reality, the Hulk defeated the Sentry during their pitched confrontation in New York. Tony Stark desperately unleashed his satelite-based laser weapon, but had no time to narrow the scope of impact. The resulting blast destroyed the entreity of New York.

The Hulk survived the blast, but the death of all of his Sakaarian comrades, the enemies he once called friends, and an entire city of innocents due to his actions, left the Hulk's will broken, prompting him to live alone in the wasteland, waiting to die as Banner. It was here that he was found by the Vision. Vision reveals that the Skrulls chose the moment of the explosion to invade the Earth, interpreting the arrival of the Hulk as a sign. With many of the heroes dead, there were not enough to stop the Skrulls and they succeeded in their invasion of Earth. Vision implores Banner to aid the few heroes that survived and continue to fight, and Banner agrees.

The Hulk rallies the survivors to fight but is interrupted when the Skrulls activate their secret weapon. They had switched out the Wasp for a Skrull and turned Hank Pym into a living weapon. They detonate Pym which kills everyone present except the Hulk. In his rage and grief at having yet another group of friends die before his eyes, the Hulk summons the Silver Surfer and begs him to bring Galactus to devour the Earth in revenge. The Surfer initially refuses but reasonsthat as the last of his race the fate of hisplanet should be in the Hulk's hands and summons Galactu. He decides to leave the service of Galactus however after finding himself hollowed by the loss of humanity and the Earth.

Galactus arrives and destroys the Earth but leaves the Hulk alive. Hulk begs him for death but Galactus, now in need of a new Herald asks the Hulk to become his herald in exchange for erasing his memories. The Hulk agrees and becomes his new herald, The World Breaker.


Same as Bruce Banner (Earth-616)

  • Power Cosmic Manipulation: The Hulk can manipulate the Power Cosmic, being an herald to Galactus.


A flying platform that hovers in space.


A cosmically-powered battle axe that can also manipulate cosmic energy and cut through any substance in the universe.

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