Robert Bruce Banner was created by the High Evolutionary when he created his Counter-Earth. While he shares much of the same history of his Earth-616 counterpart, one big difference is that he never became the Hulk. Bruce Banner stopped experimenting with Gamma rays after he saved a teenage boy from a Gamma bomb detonation. The bomb nearly hit both Bruce and the teenager, but both of them were able to make it to safety in time. Bruce married Elizabeth "Betty" Ross after that, and sometimes collaborated with her father Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross when he needed scientific aid.

During the New Men war, he came into contact with the Hulk from Earth-616. The Hulk nearly killed Bruce, but his son Robert Bruce Banner, Jr. surprisingly was able to calm the Hulk down. The Hulk left the planet as Bruce and his family watched his spaceship leave.[1]

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