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Xavier; formerly Xorn, Beast, Snot
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Quote1 To me, my Brotherhood! Quote2
-- Charles Xavier II

The Brotherhood was mentioned by X-Men member Thunderbird when their leader, Snot made a preemptive strike against Xavier Mountain. In response, Eye-Man, Shark-Woman and Oya were en route to stop them.[2]

Believing that the X-Men of their timeline disgraced his father's name and all that he worked for, Charles Xavier II recruited Beast, Molly Hayes, Deadpool and Xorn to join his Brotherhood. As well as giving one of Ice Master's Ice Hulk a consciousness. Finally, he recruited Raze, his half-brother and started his new Brotherhood,[3] He was eventually defeated and it was revealed that he had been mind-controlling all but Raze and probably Xorn, due to her own powerful telepathy.


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