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Brittany Chien was an operative of the Techuza codenamed Shuriken. She had a turmoltuous relationship with a man named Jerald Dragoon, producing a son named Hayes. When her son contracted the deadly Theta Virus, however, Shuriken accepted an offer from the American intelligence agency called Aladdin to research a cure for her son. Shuriken found herself an indentured servant to Aladdin, however, with the A.I. GENIE dangling her son's fate before her constantly in order to ensure her compliance.


  • Wetware Implants:
    • Ultra Speed
    • Ultra Agility
    • Ultra Reflexes
    • Ultra Senses
  • Psionic Energy Shuriken: Shuriken can generate throwing stars of psionic energy with color-coded properties.
    • Green: Explosive
    • Orange: Paralysis
    • Purple: Narcotic
    • Yellow: Reflective

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