Brian Talbot, brother of Colonel Glenn Talbot. Having been beaten and belittled all his life by his brother Brian was actually glad when he died, even smiling secretly as he consoled their mother.

Brian Talbot (Earth-616)

As Grey

After joining up with General Ryker and becoming Grey, Brain convinced himself that he had done so to put an end to all the chaos and destruction caused both directly and indirectly by the Hulk. During the first encounter the Gamma Corps were able to successfully use teamwork to snap the Hulk's neck.

This didn't last however and it resulted in a more head on approach, Hulk was able to deal with and talk down most of the corps who realized it wasn't Hulk they were truly angry at. He was able to convince Talbot that he never wanted the Hulk taken out for the good of the world, he wanted to take Hulk down because it was the one thing his brother had never been able to do.

Grey and the rest of the Gamma Corps were attacked by a haywire Hulk A.I., who wanted to kill them as part of the plan of the original Hulk to neutralize every Gamma-powered mutate from the Earth, even though the original Hulk's plan didn't include lethal force. After following the haywire A.I. to Fort Knox, Hulk saved the Gamma Corps from their deaths, but later stripped them of their powers.[1]


None; Formerly: Could assume a Hulk-like form at will, granting him similar abilities

  • Superhuman Durability: highly resistant to injury.
  • Hyper-leaping
  • Resistance vs. cold, heat, fire and disease.
  • Superhuman Endurance and Fighting skill.


Trained in martial arts. The Leader DNA doesn't make him as smart as Prodigy but he's a brilliant military strategist

Strength level

Formerly able to lift 100 tons


High-tech weapons

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