Agent Brian Rinehart of the Commission on Superhuman Activities was sent to investigate the appearance of a rogue Sentinel at a high school in Wisconsin. Rinehart tracked down the Sentinel, but he and his men were defeated by it. Rinehart was spared execution as a mutant by the arrival of Juston Seyfert. Recognizing Juston's abilities as a mechanic, leading him to suspect, correctly, that Juston was the one in control of the Sentinel.

Rinehart confronted Juston again, at the hospital where his brother Chris was a patient. When Chris's conditioned worsened and he had to be transferred to a hospital in Wausau, Rinehart offered to drive Juston. On the drive, Rinehart revealed that he knew who was in control of the Sentinel, and chided Juston for acting so rashly. Just then, the Sentinel, its original programming restored, wrecked the car in pursuit of Rinehart.[2]

Rinehart revealed himself as a mutant,[2] and in the ensuing battle, he and the Sentinel slew each other, causing Rinehart to fell into coma, and soon died.[1]


Brian Rinehart (Earth-616) from Sentinel Vol 1 11 02

Rinehart's powers.

Rinehart could channel energy through his hands, forming it into different shapes, including blasts and forcefields.

He was described by the Sentinel who tracked him as a Beta Level Mutant.[1]

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