Brian McAllister is a NuHuman who lived with his brother Jason in Greensboro, North Carolina.

When the United States of America was taken over by Hydra under Captain America's leadership, Brian didn't comply with the requirement of registering at his local observation committee. He was apprehended by Hydra soldiers after Marcus Festerman, a classmate of Jason's, accused Brian of being a freak,[1] and he was subsequently taken to a New Attilan, which had been turned into a detention camp for Inhuman.[2]

Brian McAllister (Earth-616) from Secret Empire Vol 1 1 001

Brian's powers in action


Brian McAllister is an Inhuman[1] with the following abilities:

  • Object Duplication: Brian possesses the ability to create a duplicate of objects he sees, such as when he created a Captain America lunchbox after looking it up online. They are generated inside his body, and he subsequently disgorges them. Brian appears to have limited control over this power, as he accidentally began to generate the aforementioned lunchbox as soon as he saw an image of it, and had to rush home before throwing it up.[1]

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