Brian Callahan was an NLVU professor with a career going nowhere, and he had a large reserve of jelous rage. When the spoor of a mysterious lunar object which was recovered by the astronauts of the Icarus One made its way to the general population, Callahan was one of those unfortunate enough to be compatible with it. His rage found fulfillment, and he became, in his own words, "a psychopathic Michaelangelo's David". Now calling himself Mangog, Callahan came into conflict with Wolf, Ruler of the Winds, another superhuman. Exhausted by the conflict, Callahan returned to work, but was contacted by Dr. Emil Burbank, who made the offer of trying to harness Callahan's powers.

As a result of Burbank's actions, Mangog came into conflict with Nick Fury's Squadron Supreme, but was taken down by Ted Munn. His comatose form was revived by Wolf to stand against Hyperion's coup against the United States, but his powers were sapped by an unknown energy.


When enraged, Callahan becomes a glowing blue giant of incredible strength and resilience. However, he also becomes highly egotistical.

Strength level

Although Mangog's strength is unknown, it probably at least commensurate with that of the Thing, possibly even the Hulk.


Mangog's powers only last for as long as he remains awake. As soon as he runs out of energy, he reverts to his normal human form.

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