After the First Host on Earth,[3] the Celestials devised they needed to have a control on the powerful Eternals, a counter-balance.[4]

Over 200,000 years ago,[5] The Celestials, at least Ziran the Tester[4] and Nezarr the Calculator,[6] used the the bacteria (who keeps all life in check): Bacilli, spirilla, cocci[4] of the planet Omega Climion Six,[2] mixing them to fashion a new race, humanoid, the Brethren.[4]

Allegedly, fleets of Brethren followed Arishem the Judge, awaiting for each of his judgments and applying his sentence on unworthy worlds, leaving them lifeless, dead and infected.[4]

Discarded and Collected

Eventually, the Celestials lost interested in the Brethren,[4] who allegedly fell out of Arishem's favors,[7] and were let loose on the universe.[4]

Over time, their leader took title Thane, and was the guardian of their secret origin.[3]

Unaware of their origins (save for the Thane and his brother), and pressed by the urge to destroy life and move on, they spread terror and genocide through the universe.[8] Their legends made them meant to the stars.[9]

They caused unparallel destruction in the cosmos,[1] and allegedly caused the fall of thousand worlds and races,[2][9] all of it witnessed by the Watcher.[1]

Five thousands years ago,[5] they were captured by the Collector and imprisoned on his ship[7] for many decades, reduced in size.[2]

In the Collection

The Collector, wishing to cull the numbers of humanity for that the specimens he would collect would be the last and thus his collection truly singular, had planned the escape of the Brethren.[4]

Seemingly[4] under the lead of Brethren Lord Lord Thane Ector,[9] they escaped their own receptacle, traveled into the Collector's miniaturized ecosystems and killed people, specifically women, children and old ones, including Nakka's alien primitive people, as they proceeded before their internment,[9] fitting the Collector's want to destroy part of his collection he deemed redundant.[4]

At some point, they left Olar, oldest of the Brethren, to die,[10] as he was deemed too frail to escape with the others.[10]


The Collector then crashed his ship[4] in the Blue Area of the Moon and was seemingly neutralized by the Brethren who then escaped the spacecraft.[1]

Coming into conflict with the Inhumans, they captured Quicksilver, Karnak and Timberius. Thane Ector and his consort Lady Sybyl Dorn tortured them and eventually learned of Earth from Timberius. They set out to conquer it, having heard of the planet's triumph over Galactus. They were repelled and teleported away from the Blue Area by coalized forces of Inhumans and Avengers, soon warned of the threat by the Watcher.[1]

In the three following days, the Brethren made earthfall and Ector led several assault against population centers, including Paris in France, and causing severe casualties. There, they were confronted to the Avengers who made them retreat, not without hurting Captain Amercia and abducting Sersi.[2]

They then teleported the Citadel of Thane Ector, on top of thee World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan, New York City and officially claimed Earth for the Brethren. There, Ector made moves towards Sersi, intending to consort with her.[9]

While Brethren combated police and Avengers,[9] Ector disregarded his people's customs, admiring the Avengers and even more the Eternal Sersi, sensing a bond between their species due to their shared Celestial origins, and willing to overcome the origins of his species.[8]

In the Collector's museum, scientist Avengers Beast and Black Panther, along with the Collector and Quasar followed the trail of the Brethren in the miniaturized ecosystems, eventually burying their companion Nakka,[10] victim of the Brethren's attacks aftermaths.[4] Nakka's grave was then attacked by Olar, hungering.[10]

Sybyl Dorn tried to accuse Ector of treason for his proximity with Sersi, but his brother the Fool was able to undermine his efforts by revealed the alliance of the Avengers with the Collector, pushing Ector to reject the Eternal and assemble his troops.[10]

At the same time the Brethren multitudes emerged from their Citadel, heading to the Avengers Mansion where the Collector killed Olar, in order to prevent the Avengers from discovering anything from studies on him.[10]

The Brethren attacked the Mansion, and ultimately, Ector wrestled with the Collector, who easily repelled his assailant and revealed his role in their escape.[10][4]

Truth Revealed

As the Brethren learnt about their origins, the Collector started blasting them, removing their sentience and spreading them to infect Earth, with the Avengers unable to repel them.[4]

At that point, the Fool was tormented by his psychic link to his kind group consciousness. Vision suggested that Ector and the fool could reason with the fading sentient of their fellow and that the Brethren were experiencing a primitive form of phenomena close of the Eternals' Uni-Mind.[4]

Under the tutelage of Sersi, and protected by Quasar's force field, Thane and fool were able to form the Uni-Mind, allegedly proving that the Celestials had cared in the creation of the Brethren. The Uni-Mind then assaulted the Collector, overwhelmed to the point he asked for the Watcher's help, in vain.[4] He was quickly destroyed. That last effort destroying the Uni-Mind,[4] while the Collector in fact teleported back to his ship.[7]

The strain of the Uni-Mind cost the lives of both last Brethren Fool and Thane Ector, the later passing away in Sersi's arms with a last kiss. Captain America epilogued that Brethren had in the end became what Ector wanted them to be.[4]


Allegedly destroyed,[4][11][3] the Brethren in fact departed Earth, and came back to the Collector's ship, leaving a deadly surprise to him[12] by freeing most of his collection, including a Mondani carrying a deadly virus.[7]

Sersi forming a Uni-Mind with the Brethren was considered a proof of her instability by her fellow Eternals, as cross-species Uni-Mind are supposed to be forbidden.[13]

Traditions and Religion

The tradition (part of a religion to an unknown god) of the Brethren is that native blood must be spilled on each planet fall.[1]

The Brethren formerly took no prisoners, but Thane Ector derogated to that tradition to took Sersi.[2]

They married and breed only among them,[5] and weren't allowed either to consort with outsiders, such Thane Ector intended to do with Sersi.[9][10]

Their holy text was also forbidden to non-Brethren.[8]

The Brethren also abandon their elders when they aren't fit enough anymore to follow, such treatment being considered an honorable death. [10]

Thane and Fool

The Thane was the leader of this race.[5] They are considered to be the most perfect of the Brethren and led them.[1][5][2][9][8]

The Fool was allegedly a throwback who should had been killed at birth, not being a "true Brethren".[2]

Each Thane always gave birth to two brothers, with one leading: the Thane, while the other was to go mad: The Fool, and remain bu his side.[3] In this case, the fool considered that the Thane was the one to go insane.[8]

When a boy who is destined to become Thane reaches his 15th year, he, along with his brother, are told the truth about the Brethren,[8] and keep it secret to their people.[4]

Both are granted limited telepathic powers to control the blood lust of the Brethren in battle.[4]



The Brethren all have the urge to conquer[9] and destroy life.[8]

Forms and Powers

Evolved from single-celled organisms, they still maintain the ability to revert to a giant amoeboid form.[8] While Thane Ector and Sybyl Dorn are blue-skinned red-haired Brethren, many humanoid forms have been witnessed among their ranks, including pink-skinned humanoid,[1][10] and semi-humanoid forms.[3]

Some Brethren possessed powers unshared with their kinds:[3]

  • Optic Blasts: Thane Ector[2] and Sybyl Dorn[8] had energy eye-beams.
  • Telepathy and Uni-Mind:[3] Fool and Thane are gifted with limited telepathy in order to control the blood lust of the Brethren in battle.[4] The Fool proved to be gifted with strong telepathy,[9] stronger's than any of its kind.[3] The Fool and with Ector, aided by Sersi, were able to from their Uni-Mind.[4]
  • Olar could control tendrils emanating from his body.[3]

The Brethren generally presented superhuman strength.[1][2]

The Brethren nourished from microbes and bacteria. Once the Brethren came to a world, the survivors were seemingly infected and weakened, with their children still-born, lifespans shortened and people sick, deprived of their bacteria and germs.[8]

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Population: There were allegedly millions of the Brethren.[10]


Type of Government: Citizens[10] led by a Thane,[1][2][9][8] and secretly by his brother the Fool if the former went mad.[8] Seemingly deposable by an assembly.[10]
Level of Technology: Technology plundered:[5] Force fields,[1] teleporters,[9] armors,[9] matter with complex molecular structure rearranging itself against manipulation,[9] fleets of warships[4][5]
Representatives: Thane Ector, Sybyl Dorn, Fool, Olar


  • The Brethren were Collector's favorite specimens in his collection.[2]
  • Impressed by Quicksilver's resistance to torture, Sybyl Dorn stated he could be a Brethren.[1]
  • Sybyl Dorn is the only known female Brethren.[3]
  • The current status and whereabouts of the Brethren are blurry: While they appear to be extinct (the Uni-Mind destroyed, Fool dead with it, and Thane Ector quickly dying as well),[4][3] they were told to have fled Earth, destroyed the Collector's ship and released his collection.[12][7]
  • The Brethren were considered distant cousins by the Eternals.[13]


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