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Bret Labale

According to local history, the great grandfather of Bret Labale was known for his wax statue of a Satyr that local superstition had people believe was the epitome of evil. A lifetime later, Bret's father Pierre ran a successful wax museum from the family home. Business was successful for 20 years until industry in the town dried up causing the museum to close. Pierre then became a recluse with his son Bret.

By the spring of 1945, Bret had discovered that the town was sitting on a large supply of oil and began using the Satyr legend to drive people away. To this end, Bret dressed up like the Satyr statue and began murdering locals, filling them with fear. When geologist Paul Cowels came to the area under an assumed alias, he discovered the oil as well, but he too was murdered by the Satyr before he could reveal his discovery. As the Satyr murdered Cowels, the geologists screams were heard by the passing Captain America and Bucky who then went to investigate. Chasing after the Satyr, they were unable to capture the creature, but Cap noted that it's trail led to the Labale house.

Soon, after hearing of the legend of the Satyr and the true identity of Paul Cowels, Cap and Bucky paid a visit to the Labal house. Bret invited them in and while Pierre told them that he thought the Satyr statue was pure evil, Bret pretended not to believe it. As the heroes went to examine the statue, Bret dressed up as a Satyr, hid the statue and murdered his father. When Cap and Bucky doubled back upon hearing Pierre's screams the followed his trail of blood to the real statue, with Pierre's dead body in its arms. Doffing his disguise, Bret arrived and pretended to be shocked by his fathers murder, and was instructed by Cap to call the police.

Instead, Bret dressed up as the Satyr and trapped Cap and Bucky with ropes suspended over a pit. However, before the Satyr could eliminate them, Cap and Bucky got free and easily subdued him. Cap unmasked the Satyr revealing him as Bret, and having deduced Bret's motivation Cap turned him over to the authorities.

Bret's subsequent fate is unknown.

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