As a young boy "Brains" Borelli was constantly picked on for his lack of intelligence. He would consequently grow to have a deep rooted hostility for those of exceptional intelligence, specifically scientists. As an adult he would amass enough criminal power to become a leading crime boss in the city, gloating over how he had everyone in his pocket. He would take personal joy in loaning money to scientists whom could not pay him back so that he could send his men to destroy their inventions.

One such scientist would be Enoch Mason, inventor of the "Dimensional Smasher". On the night that he would activate the device, Borelli would send his men to collect or destroy the device. However, the smoke from one of his minions cigars would unleash Aarkus the Vision. The Vision would slay Borelli's men, saving Mason.

Later, Borelli would send men to kidnap Mason, his daughter Sheila and Aarkus (now in a human form). Aarkus would revive first and be told by Borelli that they were to be killed. Asking for a "last cigarette", Aarkus would transform into his Vision form and easily beat Borelli and his gang, leaving them for the authorities to apprehend.

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