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Bragi was the God of Poetry and the husband of Idunn.[2]

Odin's mid-summer celebration

The day of Odin's great mid-summer celebration, Bragi needed a rhyme for his new poem, and went to the Dwarves, to a Mountain Giant and to Mermaidens daughters of Aegir, but was driven off each time to seek verses amid the branches of Yggdrasill.[2]

He went there in the form of an eagle, but was trapped in the world-tree's foliage and was targeted by a snake, but was saved by the Warriors Three who had inquired on his disappearance on Idunn's behalf.[2]


After the Siege, the feast of Thor Odinson (or Thursebolt, the eve of the full moon in January) was held in Asgard (in Oklahoma). At that occasion, Bragi recited a new verse to the Voluspa, the saga of the Asgardians, about Thor. The feast was interrupted by Grey Gargoyle's manipulations.[1]


  • Asgardian Physiology: Bragi possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians.
  • Shape-Shifting: Bragi possess the ability to change into animals, including at least in an eagle.[3]


  • Bragi is a skilled poet.[2]

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