Bradley Manning (Earth-616) from Mystic Comics Vol 2 2 002

Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning was the cousin of Joel Manning who was independently wealthy. Seeking to obtain his cousin's fortune he developed the identity of the Cadaver and kidnapped Joel's wife Joan in the fall of 1944 and demanded a ransom. Joel then contacted the Human Torch and Toro asking for their assistance in rescuing Joan.

Unaware that Bradley was really the Cadaver, he went to the Tunnel of Horror at the nearby amusement park to meet with the Cadaver with the Torch and Toro following not far behind. In a darkened part of the tunnel Bradley changed into the Cadaver and captured Joel and took him to his secret hideout reuniting him with his wife.

Having been forewarned about the Torch's involvement, the Cadaver then led the hero and his sidekick into an air tight asbestos lined room that he then began pumping gas into and left them to die. He then took Joel and Joan to the top of the roller coaster. There he welded a piece of metal to the track that would cause the roller coaster to derail, killing both Joel and Joan. By this time the Torch and Toro had escaped from their death trap and quickly defused the situation. After melting the metal on the track, the Torch and Toro then rounded up the Cadaver's men. When attempting to capture the Cadaver, the villain lost his footing and fell to his death. Recovering the body, the Torch unmasked the Cadaver as Bradley Manning and they all realized his motivation for the kidnapping.


The Cadaver wore a life-like mask that made him look like a corpse.

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