The Bowery is located in the western part of the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

During World War II, a mad scientist, the Lord of Death, posed as a philanthropist to recruit homeless men from Bowery flophouses for his experiments. These unfortunates were transformed into artificial zombies with which the Death-Lord sabotaged lend-lease shipments until he was found out and defeated by Captain America and Bucky.[1]

After he war, when Namor lost his memory, he stayed in the Bowery until modern times, when he was eventually found by The Human Torch and had his memory restored.[2][3]

Spider-Man and the Human Torch discovered one of the Fox's lairs under a wooden indian along the Bowery, and they were told he was hiding in Central Park.[4]

Many years later, Electro blew up an abandoned power station in the Bowery.[5]

The Bowery was a place for the hopeless to meet the homeless.[6]

A few years back, it was a repository of sorts for the city's broken people: addicts, schizophrenics and alcoholics.[7]

In the Bowery between Grand Street and Mott Street, Madame Web was approached by Shang-Chi.[8]

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