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Original form

Felix was a born in Geneva, Switzerland in early 1949. After his birth, he was kidnapped by Professor Grimm, a mad scientist who sought to test out a growth formula on a human subject in order to make him a massive giant which he would use for his own personal gain. Naming the baby Borkor and taking him to his hidden lab, he began his experiments on Felix, growing him to massive size. Making the boy obedient only to him, Professor Grimm then sent the baby on a rampage through the Swiss Alps. There they attacked a chalet to steal the safe. It just so happened that the Human Torch and Sun Girl were vacationing there at the time.

Attacking Borkor, the Torch was captured and Professor Grimm succeeded in stealing the safe, however, he was unaware that Sun Girl had followed them. Back at his lab, Professor Grimm then buried the Human Torch in the snow and then put Borkor down to sleep before taking his stolen loot down to the village to buy more chemicals for his experiments. Sun Girl arrived shortly thereafter and rescued the Torch. The two then looked through Grimm's notes and learned the truth about Borkor and how to create an antidote. With the antidote in hand, they injected it into Borkor.

Borkor woke up in a rage and began a rampage again with the Torch and Sun Girl following after him. Seeing his creation on the loose, Professor Grimm tried to stop him but was crushed under a fallen tree knocked down by Borkor. Soon after the antidote took effect and Borkor was reduced back to his original size. Learning Felix's real name and contacting his parents, the Torch and Sun Girl turned the boy over to his family and they were happily reunited.[1]

Felix's subsequent fate is unknown.


After exposure to Professor Grimm's growth formula, Felix grew to 40'. At this massive size, he had incredible strength and developed the ability to walk, despite his young age. The formula also appeared to enhance Borkor's intelligence to understand simple instructions.


As Borkor, Felix appeared to be obedient to Professor Grimm only, likely another product of the formula he was exposed to.

Criminal scientist Doctor Dill also created a growth formula.

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