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Part of Gene Nation, a group of Morlock whom Storm encountered and relocated to Africa, Boost was a mutant who functioned like a living battery cell. He could augment other mutants' powers by a process called "body-jumping", wherein Boost merged with other mutants and boosted their powers.[1]

When Humanity's Last Stand attacked the former Gene Nationals at their new home, Storm and the X-Men arrived to help, as did as well Havok's Brotherhood who offered the mutants protection against their enemies. Humanity's Last Stand were eventually defeated, and Boost, along with fellow former Gene National 616, sought to leave, helping the Brotherhood escape in return for being dropped off at an unrevealed place of their choosing.[1]

Boost was affected by the M-Day, and lost his mutant powers.[2]


Power Amplification: Biomorphically merged with his own mutagenic aura, then infused himself into the bodies of others, supercharging their mutant powers.

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