Bonara was a democratic country which existed somewhere in South America. The primary industry in the region was the export of rubber and rubber products. Following the United States entering into World War II, the US and Bonara began discussing a trade deal to export rubber to the US for the war effort. When the Nazis learned of this, they sent their agent the Ambassador of Terror to Washington, D.C. and assassinated the government ambassadors who were to travel to Bonara.

Although the Ambassador succeeded, the Young Allies convinced President Roosevelt to allow them to go instead. The Young Allies travelled to Bonara and were almost slain by the Ambassador of Terror who turned the boys over to a local native tribe who attempted to sacrifice them. However, the Young Allies ultimately broke free and defeated the Ambassador. Soon after, the trade deal was signed by the president of Bonara and the Young Allies returned to the United States.

The fate of Bonara following the war is unknown.

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