Bokk was a massive gorilla that lived in the jungles of Brazil. He was worshipped by the by the Chevante, natives that lived in the jungles. One of the Chevante was an albino whom Bokk had come to protect and allowed to feed him. In 1948, the massive ape was discovered by the Winterfield and Grimes Circus who captured the ape, planning on bringing it back to the United States for their main attraction. They find that when the ape saw women with blond hair it would go berserk and so they constructed a special cage with blue tinted glass to fool it.

When the creature was shipped into New York Harbour, the publicity director of the circus -- Joe Connelly -- brought Sun Girl along with him. As the creature's cage was being lifted out of the boat by a crane the cable snapped sending the cage crashing to the ground, shattering it and freeing Bokk. As Bokk rampaged, Sun Girl pulled people to safety as local and military officials responded in force. Bokk managed to escape and was surprisingly capable of hiding in the city once night had fallen.

However, the creature ended up falling asleep on the marquee for the Stockton Hotel. Sun Girl managed to convince military officials to allow her to bring a load of poisoned fruit to the giant ape in order to eliminate it. They agreed, and Sun Girl exploited the creatures attraction to blond haired women to feed it the fruit. However, as the poison started taking effect Bokk grabbed Sun Girl and went on another rampage. However as the creature began to succumb to the effects of the poison he loosened his grip allowing Sun Girl to jump onto a net cast by a military helicopter and lifted to safety as Bokk collapsed dead.[1]

While the city rejoiced this victory, Sun Girl could not help but feel sorry for the giant ape.

Bokk is clearly inspired by the story of King Kong.

Other giant gorillas: Agu The Giant Lorna the Jungle Queen#1(6/53)[[1]] Lorna the Jungle Girl#9(9/54)[[2]] and [Lorna the Jungle Girl#10(11/54)"The Terror Of The White Fang!"], Giant Ape of Pa-Pi-Ru-Guan Captain America Comics#28(7/43)Captain America 3rd story--Official Index To The Marvel Universe:The Avengers,Thor & Captain America says Cap killed it, Monstro[[3]], and the alien giant gorilla Kunga[[4]].

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