The origins of Bogat are unknown; he resided in the Black River region of Africa near the Belgian Congo. He appeared to be one of at least two giants that lived in the area during the 1940's. When the jungle adventurer Ka-Zar explored the region he was captured by Bogat who attempted to eat him[1].

However, an earthquake struck the region, splitting open the ground. As Bogat began to fall into the pit, Ka-Zar used a rope to pull him to safety. Deciding to become Ka-Zar's ally, Bogat noticed that the earthquake was caused by creatures known as Limbos that dwell below the Earth's surface. Bogat and Ka-Zar would battle the creatures, however when a plane was forced to land in the region, Bogat would make Ka-Zar and the two occupants leave the area while he dealt with the remaining Limbos[2].

Bogat's fate is unrevealed.

Strength level

Above human strength in proportion with his giant size.


Bogat was armed with a bow and arrow.

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