Bodybag is a longstanding member of the otherdimensional bounty hunting team known as the Technet. Bodybag accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of the Technet to Earth-616 to capture the mutant Rachel Summers, then known as Phoenix. This assignment was undertaken on behalf of Saturnyne.[1] After they failed, the Technet based themselves on a disused pier in Brighton, England.[2]


Bodybag was among the Technet team who briefly visited Earth-92131.[3]


Bodybag can produce a fast-acting enzyme that causes his victims to lose consciousness. After he has rendered them unconscious, he unhinges his jaw in order to swallow them and store them in expanding sacs of skin on his back. As long as his victims are inside these body sacs they will remain insensate. Once free of his body, the victims will regain consciousness, but are groggy for a short time at first. Bodybag can apparently only store up to three human-sized victims at a time in this manner.


Bodybag is allergic to polymers (like nylon), and if he ingests them, they cause him to be violently sick.

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