Bobbie Drew was a reporter for the Daily Globe in the 1940's. One of her assignments brought her to the Garton-Millok Circus to cover the story on their latest attraction, the giant they called Hercules. When a bull would get loose, she would be trampled if not for the quick actions of Hercules, who would kill the animal before it could harm her. Interviewing Hercules, she would learn that the owners of the circus did not pay him his rightful fees. Thinking that Drew was attempting to coerce their money maker into leaving the circus they attempted to silence her. This would enrage Hercules, who would knock them out, and quit the circus.

When a nearby dam would break, Bobbie would witness as Hercules would repair the dam. Afterward, showing him a newspaper article about crime being on the rise, Bobbie would inspire Hercules to fight crime and help those in need.


Bobbie Drew was a capable reporter.

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