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Bob Downs

Bob Downs

Real Name
Robert Downs
Bob Downs

Marvel; Malibu; DC Comics; Apple; Defiant; Harris Comics; Dark Horse Comics; IDW Publishing; Archie Comics

Inker, Cover Artist, [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]]


Place of Birth
United States of America

Date of Birth

June 8,

Professional History

Marvel Comics, National Periodical Publications (D.C. Comics) May 1975 – March 1996 (20 years 11 months)387 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y.10016 Comic Book Illustrator: (Ink Artist) (8/75--3/96) • Illustrated comic book magazines for monthly publication. • Produced 60 to 90 pages of Artwork on monthly schdule by laying out and rendering comic book pages for publication.

[Marvel Comics]

(The Avengers-Now A Major Motion Picture, G.I Joe (based on Hasbro Action Figure). Captain America-Based on Popular Film, Walt Disney's Gargoles, based on the popular animated childrens TV Series, Barbie Comics (based on popular Mattel Doll) DarkHold, Book of Sins,and Sons Of The Midnight,

Also, a 90 page Graphic Novel Adaption of the Christian Classic based on the 16th Century Novel "A Pilgrims Progress" Produced by Thomas Nelson Publishing and Marvel Comics)

[D.C. Comics] (Young All-Stars, Infinity Inc.Secret Origins

Dungans and Dragons, (AD&D) and Forgoten Realms based on the popular role playing games,

Justice League of America,

Weird War Tales/inks over pencils of Frank Miller Artist/Writer/Film Maker

Also, a Comic Book Adaptation of a Major Motion Picture, starring Jon Claude Van Damn, based on the popular Video Game "Street Fighter")

[Dark Horse Comics] (Out Of The Vortex),

[Archie Comics], (Archie and the Explorers, Bayou Billie, The Mighty Crusaders

[Malibu Comics] (Warstrike) (Solitaire)

[Defiant Comics] (Dogs of War w/David Neal Miller-Co-Inker, Good Guys, Dark Dominion)

[Gold Key Comics] Project Blue Book U.F.O.

[Power Station/Christian Childrens Magazine] Comic Book Stories based upon true life testimonies.

Illustrated Covers for "City Paper" Washington D.C. Newspaper/Editorial Illustrations for the "Washington Times"

Magazine Editors: (Supervisors) Hildy Mesnik, Roy Thomas, Laura Hitchcock, Elliot Maggin, Brian Augustin (Editors)

After 21 Years as a freelance Magazine Illustrator, I chose to seek stable employment prior to my Marriage.

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