Bob, as a CIA agent, was designated by his bosses for an operation called "Dead Head," which involved overthrowing the Hammerhead from power, as he was the leader of the international crime syndicate known as "Maggia".[2]

To be able to enter the target's criminal circle, Bob became sexually involved with Bruno, Hammerhead's chief security officer. However, despite his sacrifices, his assistant, Deadpool, has always followed the plan the wrong way, hampering Hammerhead's assassination, after killing six of his agents and hiding in the basement after hangover with the maid.[2]

When he saw that he was in danger of life, after Bruno finally discovered his plan, Bob caused Hammerhead to kill him, just as Deadpool arrives and murders everyone, including Hammerhead. After the mission was completed, Bob talks to Sam about Deadpool, talking about how dangerous and self-centered he is, and Sam says Bob must follow Deadpool's orders blindly, since he is his guardian, leaving Bob stupefied.[2]


Seemingly those of Bob.


some combat training



Bob seems to not be heterosexual.

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