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In the late 37th-early 39th century, Boak was a synthcon and member of Clan Askani, founded by Rachel Summers and later Clan Chosen, founded by Nathan Dayspring. Roughly in the late 36th century, Apocalypse ascended to power and ruled much of North America unchallenged, for 100 years, where humans and whoever else resistant to his rule could be killed at any moment. The Clan Askani were the only rebellion left to opposed Apocalypse's rule.

Mother Askani decided to fulfill the Askani'son prophecy and she and Boak sent a Sister Askani, who sacrificed her physical body to become energy and tasked with preservation of the Askani'son, to the past. Sister Askani arrived just as Apocalypse infected the infant Nathan Summers with a Techno-Organic Virus. Scott Summers reluctantly allowed Sister Askani to take Nathan forward to her time, to cure the virus. Upon baby Nathan's arrival, he was given to Mother Askani. Mother Askani placed Nathan in an incubation crib to preserve his life, but the virus had progressed too far. The technicians who examined Nathan called for the Mother Askani and informed her that the only thing keeping the child alive were the acts of Ship, who had created a protective electro-magnetic field and merged with Nathan's electrical parts. Fearing that Nathan would not survive the virus, Mother Askani had him cloned. Mother Askani and Boak gave a second Sister Askani information about various time-traveling threats and sent her to a later point in the modern ear, to keep vigilance over Cyclops and Jean Grey. Despite their original assessments, the Askani learned that the original child would live after all. Just then, the Canaanites attacked the base and Mother Askani ordered Boak to remove the children. Boak was only able to remove Nathan, when the Canaanites blasted their way into the room and seemingly killed the Mother Askani and killed Throeblood, as they began the massacre of the Clan Askani.

Clan Chosen

Years later, following the destruction of the Askani Sisterhood, by the New Canaanites led by Ch'vayre and Stryfe, and Apocalypse, by Nathan, Boak joined the Clan Chosen, an Askani-inspired team of freedom fighters, formed originally by Nathan Dayspring (as Nathan Summers was then called), Tetherblood, and Aliya. Training in the Askani ways under surviving Askani elders, the Clan Chosen repeatedly battled the New Canaanites and the Scions of Apocalypse, led by Stryfe. The Clan Chosen also clashed with the Neo-Canaanites, a group that also wished to claim Apocalypse's power.

After decades of battle, the Clan Chosen signed a long-lasting peace treaty with the New Canaanites, but Nathan, upset by rumors that Apocalypse had survived, convinced the Clan's Askani Council that they needed to fight again. However, ensuing battles cost the Clan dearly. When the Clan Chosen attacked Stryfe, Tyler Dayspring captured Dawnsilk, forging a neural link between them to gain Clan Chosen secrets. Nathan decided to sever the link, by shooting his son, in order to save Dawnsilk. After Cable and Kane were injured in battle with Stryfe, Cable took Kane to Applecrust, in the future, where they were able to enhance his cybernetic prosthetics. Kane stayed with the Clan Chosen, while waiting for Cable to return. Cable returned to Kane in Applecrust and aided the Clan Chosen in battling a group of Flatliners. The Clan Chosen decided to send Kane home and destroy the Tinex, the time-travel nexus, within Niagara Falls.

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