Blue Eagles

Blue Eagles from Squadron Supreme New World Order Vol 1 1 001
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Blue Eagles
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Quote1 You may have stolen his colors and learned to parrot some of his more reactionary rhetoric -- but if you understand the first thing about the man, you'd've noticed none of his costumes included jackboots. Quote2
-- Dr. Spectrum


In the wake of the Squadron Supreme's disaster with the "Utopia Program", Earth, under the control of corporations, created an armed force known as the Blue Eagles that was named and modelled their uniforms after the deceased Blue Eagle of the Squadron, whom they stated that their ideology is based on the fallen hero's "ideals" he stood for: patriotism, duty and order. The Blue Eagles, however, served to patrol and keep the public docile that is not so dissimilar to a secret police. The Blue Eagle eventually came into conflict with the Squadron Supreme and along with their rebellious counterparts, the Nighthawks. [1]

Blue Eagles from Squadron Supreme New World Order Vol 1 1 002

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