Quote1 Once Bloodwitch has a taste of you... you'll never be free of me. Quote2
-- Bloodwitch src

One of the Bloodforce who attacked the recently arrived Exiles. Bloodwitch managed to sink her teeth into Sabretooth, bringing him under her control. After Ororo interfered in their battle, the Exiles escaped, and Bloodwitch vowed to track down Sabretooth, acquiring a taste for him. Later, she along with the Bloodforce fought again the Exiles, and during the battle, both Sabretooth and Psylocke were able to break free of her control and defeat her.[1]


While vampire-like in appearance, Bloodwitch is not a true vampire. She can exist in sunlight, and her bite instantly places someone under her control (most vampires require 24 hours after draining the victim of their blood to gain control). Victims of her control have the same red iris and black sclera eyes that she has. She also appears to have enhanced strength and is able to resist telekinesis to some degree.


Possibly flight.

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