The Atlantean who would become Bloodtide's body was "ravaged by pollutants," mutating her, giving superhuman powers.[1]


Bloodtide possesses the power to control the flow of water and can use it to propel forceful hard-water blasts of water, and to transport herself and others through the air.

As a Homo mermanus, Bloodtide has the sub-mariner physiology common to the Atlanteans and Lemurians. This includes a stronger and more durable physiology than Homo sapiens, able to withstand the vast pressures of the ocean depths. The average Homo mermanus individual is ten time stronger than their Homo sapiens counterpart and can swim at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.

Their vision is superior to that of Homo sapiens, allowing them to see in the dim light of the ocean depths. The Homo mermani tend to age slower than their surface counterparts, their average lifespan lasting 150 years.


Hydrokinesis, Flight, Durability

Strength level

10x Normal Human

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