Frederick Dukes (Earth-616) from All-New X-Men Vol 2 5 001

The Blob is a mutant whose latent superhuman powers manifested themselves when he reached puberty. His major weaknesses were his short temper, lack of foresight, his lack of intelligence, and his easily-manipulated self-esteem. Thinking of himself as no more than "an extra-strong freak" in his own words, the Blob used his superhuman powers as a performer in a carnival.

The original X-Men came to the carnival in their everyday identities to invite him to meet with their mentor Professor Charles Xavier. Attracted to the beautiful young X-Man Jean Grey, the Blob accepted and went with the X-Men to Xavier's mansion.

There, Xavier asked the Blob to join the X-Men, but the Blob arrogantly refused. Xavier then knew he had to use his mental powers to erase the Blob's knowledge of the X-Men's true identities. But the Blob had no intention of letting this happen and, after fighting the X-Men, escaped back to the carnival.

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