Nothing is known of Blind Justice's history prior to his attempt at killing the Los Angeles-based gangster Puentes. Hawkeye had come to the man's protection, believing him to be a victim of a gang (who were, in reality, trying to get the gangster out of their neighborhood). During the ensuing fight, Puentes killed the man trying to get him out of the city, making Hawkeye realize that Blind Justice was on his side. Hawkeye still prevented Blind Justice from killing the man, and captured him for the police.

When Hawkeye later tried to get information on the vigilante from the gangster Speedo, the gangster set up a rendezvous where he said he would tell Hawkeye all he knew. Hawkeye arrived, not knowing it was in fact an ambush. While Hawkeye was saved by the Shroud, Blind Justice attacked Speedo (who waited on a nearby roof), but before he could kill the gangster, Hawkeye distracted him. This distraction led to Blind Justice being shot and seemingly falling to his death in the nearby ocean. As Hawkeye and Shroud walked away, the blue-gloved hand of Blind Justice reached out of the water for a ladder.

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]


He is blind, but his other senses are quite enhanced.




Uses a modified handgun.

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