Quote1 He wonders if, perhaps, the Two-Gun Kid died too soon. He wonders if it is time for the dead to rise. Quote2
-- Narrator speaking of Clay Harder, the Two-Gun Kid

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While Reno Jones is off recruiting the Rawhide Kid to his cause, Marcel Fournier heads to Anaconda, Montana to see lawyer Clay Harder. Harder is actually Matt Hawk, the Two-Gun Kid who faked his death two years before when he was working with Fournier as a member of the briefly allied group, the Sunset Riders. He took the name Clay Harder from the name of the original dime novel character which held the name of the Two-Gun Kid, the inspiration for Hawk's own alias. Hawk/Harder declines Fournier's request for help, stating that the Two-Gun Kid is dead but he will do what he can to find out who is behind the attacks in Wonderment. He learns that Clay Riley, the former outlaw known as the Tarantula, is behind the attacks. He now owns a mining and manufacturing company and wants the river that runs alongside the town in order to produce a smelting factory for his ore.

That night, in the hills surrounding Wonderment, Flaming Star and his grand-daughter, Ghost Wind Rider, wait for the Red Wolf. They are attacked by a gang of men hiding in the woods, who are in turn violently killed by Red Wolf. He pledges his word to the pair that he will aid the townspeople when the time is right.

In the meantime, Fournier, Jones and their associates meet up at their rendezvous point, along with a young man named Lance Temple. Temple is actually the Outlaw Kid, but has had a mental breakdown causing a split personality complex after the death of his father. This caused him to believe the Kid to be a separate person from Temple and to be the murderer of his father. As a result, Temple rides across the west searching for someone that only exists within him. The Rawhide Kid knows of Temple's condition, but also knows that when the Outlaw Kid persona takes over, he is every bit the fearless gunman that he's ever been. He telegraphed Temple telling him that the Outlaw Kid was to be found in Wonderment, tricking him into their service. At the same time, Pinkerton agent Caleb Hammer rides up and demands Kid Colt come with him to stand trial for the murder of a sheriff the previous year. A stand-off occurs as everyone draws their weapons, but the hot-headed Colt guns down the Pinkerton's, injuring Hammer and killing his men.

The men all ride out of town as fast as they can. They set up camp and are met by Two-Gun, who has changed his mind about helping. Fournier leads the men to a secret entrance to the town, one which should not be guarded. As the men cross the gorge one by one, Reno Jones is gunned down by Nightriders hiding above in the hills and falls far below into the river. All of the others are trapped out in the open, with the exception of Lance, who dons his mask and once again becomes the Outlaw Kid.

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