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Blake's 7 (Earth-5556)
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Blake's Seven
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Servalan; Terran Federation
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Gauda Prime
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Blake's Seven were a group of interplanetary resistance fighters formerly led by the apparently deceased revolutionary Roj Blake and later by his reluctant second in command, the amoral genius Kerr Avon, who opposed the corrupt Terran Federation and its leader Servalan. The original crew were all convicted criminals (some of them unjustly, like Olag Gan, others-like Avon, Jenna Stannis and Vila Restal-quite legitimately), though later recruits included Cally, Del Tarrant, Dayna Mellanby and Soolin, who had no known convictions (despite Tarrant's past exploits as a con man). Three of the membership were artificial intelligences; Zen, the onboard computer of the Starship Liberator; ORAC, the most sophisticated computer ever built (which looked like a fish tank full of junk) and Slave, the obsequious onboard ship's computer of the Scorpio, which the crew commandeered after Liberator's destruction. The membership changed as members were lost or killed, with those depicted here being the final lineup before the entire team's apparent deaths on Gauda Prime in a Federation trap.


Equipment: teleport bracelets
Transportation: The starship Liberator; later, the Space Freighter Scorpio
Weapons: various energy weapons


  • The Marvel UK Blake's 7 strip was based on the BBC Television series of the same name broadcast from 1978-1981, though the Blake's 7 Monthly magazine was not launched until October 1981, shortly before the series was cancelled (the final issue, #23, was published in August 1983, 18 months after the TV series ended). The events of the final catastrophic episode of the series were never referenced in the comic strip. The strip, which was frequently uncredited, had numerous creators including artists David Lloyd, Jerry Paris, Mick Austin, Phil Gascoine and Steve Dillon and writers Ken Armstrong and Paul Neary.
  • In terms of Doctor Who and Blake's 7 continuity, Chris Boucher took a character he created for Blake's 7 episode "Weapon", the Federation psycho-strategist Carnell, and had him set up in Kaldor City (Doctor Who serial The Robots of Death) in the Doctor Who novel Corpse Marker. The setting was further expanded in the audio series Kaldor City. Because of this, unofficial resources like Lance Parkins's Ahistory and the Whoniverse wiki argue for a shared canon. In terms of strictly Marvel continuity, Valkac, from Blake's 7 issues #9 and 10 was at one point intended to be partnered with Steve Moore's Abslom Daak and Vol Mercurius, recurring characters introduced to Doctor Who Weekly because it was felt they could be spun-off from their respective series. This ultimately never happened because Moore who had extensively plotted out future adventures for them left the magazine over a dispute with Alan McKenzie.[1]


Series creator Terry Nation also created the Daleks for Doctor Who, and they were at one point intended to appear in Blake's 7, so it's possible their adventures take place on Earth-5556 where The Doctor's comic strip adventures also occur.

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