The man known as Blackbeard was a modern day pirate who was active during the 1940s. In 1948 he and his crew tricked a passenger liner into crashing into rocks in order to steal jewels that were being shipped board. As the passengers and crew tried to flee the sinking ship, Blackbeard and his men attacked them, attracting the attention of the Sub-Mariner and Namora. The pair rescued their friend Betty Dean from the sinking ship and discovered why Blackbeard and his men sunk the ship.

Coming up with a plan to capture Blackbeard and his crew, Namor had Betty put back out in the ocean and brought aboard the ship. That night she moved the stolen jewels from the cargo hold into Blackbeard's room. The next day Betty then enticed Blackbeard into believing that the valuable Cullihan Diamond was also in the ship he sunk, forging a partnership to salvage it in secret of the crew. While Blackbeard went diving into the water, Betty pointed out that "Blackbeard" had moved the diamonds. The angry crew then cut his air hose and left him to drown and begun fighting among themselves while Betty dove overboard. The Sub-Mariner then recovered Blackbeard and brought him to shore, leaving the pirate with Namora and Betty as he was trapped in his diving suit. Namor then quickly incapacitated the boat and called the Coast Guard while the crew was still busy fighting. The Coast Guard easily captured Blackbeard's crew, and Blackbeard himself was turned over to the authorities as well.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Blackbeard commanded his own ship, which was fully equipped for deep sea diving.

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