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Black Bolt was approached by Magneto, leader of the fledgling mutant nation of Genosha, seeking an alliance against humanity by telling Black Bolt that after the humans had exterminated mutants, they would turn on others different from them, like the Inhumans. Black Bolt, through his wife Medusa, responded that Attilan's defences were more than adequate, and that since they had stood apart from the outside world for millennia, they would not provoke the humans by attacking them.

Black Bolt however was displeased by the persecution mutantkind had faced, and acknowledged that they deserved a place of their own, promising that the Inhumans would stand by Genosha's side, should the humans attack. The humans did just that, and launched nuclear weapons on Genosha, which Black Bolt personally destroyed.

After Magneto's conquest of the USA and the power of the House of M grew, Black Bolt allied himself with Black Panther. When Magneto sent Apocalypse to kill Panther, Black Bolt seemingly destroyed him with a sonic scream.

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