Black Streak Projector 001

The Black Streak projection

The Black Streak Projector was a film projector that could create a three dimensional image. It's origins, specifications, are unknown. In 1945 it was used by a mobster named Scar and his gang in a series of robberies. Using the projector they created the illusion of a super-fast criminal they called the Black Streak.

Their first recorded use of the device was to rob the payroll of a nearby shipyard. While one of Scar's men was captured, the theft was a success. When the police learned about he "Black Streak" they got the Whizzer to investigate. With a list of their scheduled hits, the Whizzer staked out the Benson Aircraft Company and attempted to capture the Black Streak. However it appeared that the "criminal" was too fast for the hero and seemingly jumped off a cliff. While the Whizzer was occupied, Scar and his gang stole blue prints from the factory.

However, when recalling the chase, the Whizzer noted that when the Black Streak ran across a robe bridge, the bridge didn't sag tipping him off to the Black Streak's true nature. When Scar and his gang attempted to rob the Alton Steeplechase, the Whizzer located the projector and smashed it and quickly rounded up the crooks.

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