This "Black Panther" was a Skrull posing as Black Panther. He went with the other four Skrull Avengers in a fake rescue ruse to fool Captain America but Cap knocked them all out with his bare hands after he pretended to release Cap.

After that, he was with an entire team of Skrull Avengers on a mission to steal Vibranium from Wakanda. During the battle, he was seen fighting Black Panther's elite guards clad in high-tech suit and Vibranium spears and his real counterpart before the latter took him down and unmasked his true face, which led to the exposure of the Skrull Avengers plus with the fall and exposure of the Skrull Thor.


Same as his real counterpart.


Skrull ship


Skrull replica of Vibranium claws and knives

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