Quote1 Blazes--! As a super-hero, you're a worse menace than Doc Doom! Which means you've got nowhere to go but up. And up it is, my friend, because this fledgling super-doer is not about to quit. Not now -- Not ever! Quote2
-- Bill Foster

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Synopsis for "White Fire, Atomic Death!"Edit

After narrowly escaping an encounter with the Atom-Smasher that nearly killed him and completely destroyed a warehouse owned by Stark Industries, an unconscious Black Goliath is nursed back to health by Celia Jackson, a woman who once had her own life saved by a superhero back in New York City.

After a brief romantic interlude with Jackson, Foster goes back home and has the Whiz Kids devise a way to track Atom-Smasher's radiation signature, telling them that he was asked by the police to create such a device so as not to reveal his secret identity. As the Black Goliath, Foster is able to locate the Atom-Smasher's hideout, but is himself secretly being watched by a rooftop gunman. When Goliath captures the Atom-Smasher in a graphite-impregnated shield, the gunman is ordered by his boss to kill anyone who threatens their operations security, be they friend or foe.

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