The Motivation

While in the body in Peter Parker, Otto Octavius defeated Black Cat.[1] When the Police arrested her, she lost her secret identify, her stolen possessions, and her allies. Imprisoned in Conway Penitentiary, she realized than in order to regain all that she had lost, she had to end the one who ended her life, Spider-Man.[2]


Escaping from prison, she began stalking the arachnid hero.[2] During one of her stalkings, she noticed that Parker Industries was hunting Electro down to depower him. Knowing that he too was humiliated by the "Spider-Man,"[3] she recruited Max onto her side.[4]

Black Cat later defeated Maggia mob boss Eel, and secured an alliance with the Goblin Nation and the Inner Demons.[5]

She later tried to recruit other villains, but they declined because of her affiliation to Electro. Black Cat then thwarted Parker Industries's plan to create a prison for super villains by trying to kill Electro, but was stopped by Spider-Man and Silk. After said event, the criminals joined Black Cat's criminal army.[6]

Black Cat forms an alliance with Hammerhead, his nephew, and the rest of his henchmen.[7]

Black Cat later assembles four women to become the Black Cats who are on the side of her gang.[8]

Black Cat later gets Scorpion on her side as a part-time enforcer.[9] She even hires a man named Lee Price after he survived a shootout at a black market sale that also involved Tombstone's Gang.[10]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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  • Black Cat's secret identity was already known to Detective Jean DeWolff, making it likely she kept it a secret as a favor to Spider-Man.
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